Originating from Europe, the twins Josef and Jan developed their sound in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, they have worked their way into Australian hearts with their soaring harmonies and unique sound.

The AMISTAT experience boasts intimate performances, live energy, cheeky humor and honest emotional sentiments.

Born with the closeness and understanding that only twins could share, Josef and Jan produce a unique synergy through the use of tight knit harmonies, shaped by an honest, storytelling vocal tone. Amistat is able to communicate their inspirations, drawn from a life on the road; infusing their sentiments, hopes and ambitions to develop a unique and honest message to their audiences.

Highlighting their individuality, the brothers bring together their contrasting musical styles and personalities to create a balanced sound, which is soaked in melancholy. The brothers manage to fascinate and entertain anything from an intimate house concert to a rowdy festival crowd.

Since 2012, Amistat have released two EP’s, ‘It’s Not Words’ and ‘Somewhere Sometime’, and their debut album ‘Parley’ which saw them embark on a number of Australian and European tours including performances at some of Australia's finest Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Fairbridge and Nannup. The duo further won the Maton Guitar Emerging Artist of the Year 2018 Award at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2018.Following up the release of their single “The Coward" the twins have released their new EP “Nostalgia” middle of 2018 which saw the embark on a number of National and International tours with sould out shows across Europe. The twins are just about to head into the studio to recorded their latest single " Something Wrong". Amistat have been working on a new sound and a whole different way of approaching the recording process in the studio. “ Its all about capturing the 3% of magic” says Josef. “Playing live and talking to people is what makes us so unique and what makes people fall in love with our music. On the recording you don’t get that opportunity. That makes it even harder”. The brother’s main focus will be capturing THE magic on sound recording, creating music from the inside out.



NOSTALGIA - EP     Released: 10 March 2018      DOWNLOAD   |    STREAM


Released: 10 March 2018


PARLEY -  ALBUM      Released: 04 March 2016      DOWNLOAD   |   STREAM


Released: 04 March 2016


SOMEWHERE SOMETIME -  EP      Released: 04 May 2014      DOWNLOAD   |   STREAM


Released: 04 May 2014


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